About Us

Our Story

Best Braai is a service orientated business, situated in Pretoria, South Africa. We manufacture and package Charcoal, Briquettes and Firelighters. We also stock a variety of Firewood.

The charcoal we use is made from hardwood imported from Namibia. Most of this hardwood comes from types of alien vegetation. These trees are alien to the country and need to be removed. Best Braai Briquettes are made from the same product, pieces of charcoal too small to use, are “grinded” into powder, compressed and baked.


Our Promise

Hardwood Charcoal is sometimes mixed with inferior charcoal to bring costs down. We at Best Braai will not compromise on quality and will not compromise on quality and will not follow such practice.

Best Braai guarantees 100% Namibian Hardwood Charcoal and Briquettes thus giving a longer burning product.


Our Experience

At Best Braai we have spend 10 years perfecting our manufacturing techniques. We vow to continue learning and growing to ensure that you get the Best product every Braai