Best Braai Charcoal Burning


Premuim quality Namibian Hardwood Charcoal packed in recyclable paper bags

Available in 4kg and 5kg bags


Namibian Hardwood Charcoal Briquettes are made using a high pressure press to ensure high density. This gives us long-burning Briquettes. Our Briquettes contain no artificial additives and are packaged in recyclable paper bags​

Available in 4kg and 3kg bags.


Perferated twelve-piece firelighters are available individually boxed or in a plastic wrapper.

A case of firelighters contain 24 individual firelighters.​

Best Braai Firewood


Local Hard and Soft Wood: We stock a variety of locally sourced wood.

Available in +7kg bags

Namibian Hardwood: Namibian Hardwood generates extremely high heat and is long lasting.

Available in 15kg Polypropelene Bags